About Savannah

About Savannah

As a leadership and talent solutions partner, we drive business growth and transformation via strategic advice, data-led insights and building teams of outstanding people. For 20+ years we have built a way of doing business, delivered through four key services:

    • Executive Search
    • Interim Management
    • Management Consultancy
    • Data & Insights

Applying our collaborative working style to organisations of all shapes and sizes, we have worked with major FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies as well as many leading Public and Private Equity backed firms. With each engagement, we have earned a reputation for providing strong support and expertise in delivering transformational leadership at every stage of their growth journey.

Our Philosophy

In a fast-moving landscape, businesses need transformational leaders and thinking more than ever. We know growth is unlocked through access to the right leadership solutions at the right time, but core business challenges cannot be solved by talented individuals alone. We are passionate about thinking beyond.

Our End-To-End Connected Model

Business growth and transformation rely on finding the best people, surfacing powerful insights and solving the most challenging talent problems. Our integrated approach enables companies to acquire the capabilities, experiences and diverse thinking they need to succeed.

  • Data to make better decisions about your future strategy.
  • Consultants to develop a roadmap and strategy for business change.
  • Interim Managers to coordinate, deliver and embed transformation.
  • Executives to provide leadership, strategic thinking and delivery.

Our Commitment to EDI

We live and breathe our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, helping our clients make tangible differences to their workplace. 59% of the candidates we placed last year were diverse.

As one of the first executive search firms to sign the code of conduct for gender diversity on corporate boards, we also practice what we preach. Our partner group and ownership are 50/50 gender split, we operate fair and transparent hiring, promotion and reward policies, and we regularly host and sponsor events promoting good mental health and EDI in the workplace.

Our Role in the Community

Our services offer practical solutions to businesses wanting to increase their workforce diversity today. But with a lot of work still to be done to advance EDI, we also focus on ways to diversify future talent pools. That includes reporting quarterly on FTSE board diversity and supporting initiatives like Radical Recruit, which helps disadvantaged job seekers gain secure employment.

We care about our impact on the planet, and commit to offsetting all business-related emissions via the Carbon Footprint initiatives and supporting renewable energy projects around the world.

About Savannah

Our Values

Our ethos. All. Together. Better focuses on building collaborative relationships internally and externally.

As do our values:

We challenge

We think independently, communicate openly and are not afraid to push

We share

We achieve more when we collaborate and share our expertise.

We achieve

We are restless in our pursuit of new knowledge, solutions and ideas.

We do what’s right

We look beyond profits, valuing integrity, authenticity and respect.

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