Business Transformation & Growth

What We Do

Your Partner in Transformation

We work in partnership with clients to drive the success of transformation programmes. For organisations looking to accelerate change or future growth, our innovative connected model gives you rapid and flexible access to the world’s top consultants and transformation experts.

Leveraging our rich experience and trusted relationships, we have developed a hybrid consulting and interim model to help businesses on transformation and change journeys.

Business Transformation & Growth

Our Expertise

At the heart of any change management programme is people, yet the skill sets required to successfully transform are typically not already existent in an organisation. It’s a key reason, along with poor planning, why 70% of transformation programmes fail, which is extremely costly.

Our model addresses this by retaining the strategic and implementation capabilities expected from top consultancies but at a lower overall project cost, giving you more control and flexibility.

We can assist with:
● Restructuring
● Digital transformation
● Rapid scaling and future growth
● Cyber advisory
● M&A and treasury advisory

Business Transformation & Growth

Experienced Specialists & Teams

Our bench of world-class consultants and interim managers can combine strategy, management consulting and change expertise to delivery projects that make an impact. We work with you to set your goals and identify the right strategy and resources to compliment your existing teams.

Quality is of the utmost importance, which is why all of our independent consultants and interim managers meet stringent requirements. Each is carefully vetted by our in-house expert team to ensure they have a high level of experience and a proven track record for achieving results.

Consultant or Interim Manager?

It’s not always easy knowing what type of resource is most appropriate for a particular scenario. With a strong network of both consultants and interim managers, we assess on a case-by-case basis. Starting by understanding your situation in detail, we then draw on techniques used within executive search to assess each consultant and interim manager’s capabilities and deployment record. Armed with a balanced assessment, we recommend the right resource structure for you.

Get in touch if you would like a no obligation conversation about what might be the most appropriate resourcing structure for you.

Business Transformation & Growth

Hybrid Model

By combining management consulting and executive interim management, our unique hybrid model enables clients to get the best of all worlds, whatever their transformation may entail. We work with you to identify your needs and challenges before building an in-depth roadmap for achieving successful change. We offer traditional consulting capability but at a far lower cost.

Business Transformation & Growth

Maximum Flexibility

Successful transformation programmes make businesses more agile, and agility makes transformation programmes successful. That’s why we provide maximum flexibility for the delivery and execution phase of a project, providing you with the choice of an interim programme leader so you can ‘own’ the delivery and minimise costs or keep a consultant throughout to monitor progress, resolve any issues and ensure the programme remains integrated and compliant.

We work with you to shape the most suitable team structure and help you to scale resources quickly to maximise results throughout.

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