Future Talent Strategy

What We Do

Data-Driven Talent Decisions

Talent strategy has never been so closely linked to business strategy, or so difficult. Combining our understanding of business structures and leadership capabilities with our leading-edge talent mapping technology, we provide tailored talent insights which engage senior stakeholders in:

● Future function planning
● Go-to-market strategy
● Diversity Strategy
● Talent location strategy
● Competitor talent strategy

Future Talent Strategy

World-Class Insights for World-Class Companies

We help some of the most ambitious companies in the world make faster and better decisions about their leadership and talent strategy.

Future Talent Strategy

Answering Vital Questions

Supported by advanced data science and highly experienced researchers, our tailored projects help businesses answer critical leadership and talent questions including:

  • Who should we benchmark ourselves against?
  • What capabilities will we need in the future?
  • Where can we find those capabilities, and where should we build them
  • Which companies are the best headhunting targets?
  • How do they develop and acquire their leadership talent?
  • How can we diversify our leadership talent pools?
  • How much does the best leadership talent cost?
Future Talent Strategy

Leading-Edge Mapping Technology

Our proprietary leadership and talent mapping technology, MapX, is unique in the industry. Combining organisational capability data with candidate data from public and private sources, MapX searches further and faster to enable us to generate rich data insights for our clients.

In the hands of our specialist research teams, who check and validate all relevant samples of data, the technology is used to process and categorise the insights for our reports.

Future Talent Strategy

Tailored Talent Data & Insights

Unlike other talent insight platforms, our market intelligence reports are 100% tailored to you. The data we compile is built entirely around your requirements, to answer your specific questions. Combining best-in-class desk research with sophisticated data science, we can build ultra-relevant company and talent pool samples and supply highly informative talent insights that help inform your future talent strategy.

When required, we can also interview individuals within the project to gain real-time insights on them, their business and the market. The insights from these interviews can ultimately be blended with our other external data analysis to provide you with a complete 360-degree view.

Future Talent Strategy

Board-Ready Insights & Presentation

HR teams and other leaders use our board-ready reports to engage senior stakeholders on crucial talent strategy issues. Where can you find and build new capabilities? Which key players should be targeted when entering a new market? Where can you find more diverse talent? These are just some of the insights that we present in ways which are proven to engage boards.

Future Talent Strategy

Identify the Top 10%

Ready to move past strategy and onto execution? Our talent mapping service uses our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology to help you identify hard-to-find and diverse candidates.

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