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The talent market is highly competitive, with in-demand candidates approached on a regular basis. To outperform their competitors, employers need to be positioning the opportunity to work for them in the best light, as well as adopting a thorough assessment process that looks at the right things, and an optimised onboarding process which helps new hires hit the ground running.

We have developed a suite of capabilities in all three of these areas. They can be included as part of a hiring process or provided as standalone services to compliment existing hiring activity.

Leadership Engagment, Assessment & Onboarding

Challenge Perceptions

Having the right people in leadership roles is imperative for any organisation on a transformation or growth journey, but there will always be a limited availability of senior-level talent with the capabilities and experience you need. Legacy preconceptions about your business can mean the best candidates are ruling themselves out before you have even had a chance to engage.

A compelling LVP (leadership value proposition) pack engages more candidates. We take a research-driven approach to reviewing your vision, strategy and growth plan and combine that with our brand and design expertise to position your business in the most compelling way within the recruitment market. We’ve designed hundreds of LVP packs which deliver strong ROI on your recruitment efforts by moving candidates from consideration to interest and wanting to talk.

Leadership Engagment, Assessment & Onboarding

Get the Right Fit

What skills and behaviours do your current leaders have – and crucially, do you know what they will need in the future? Our seamless, personalised leadership assessment service draws on the best of science and technology to present a thorough view of your executive leadership.

With future-focused leadership assessments from qualified organisational psychologists, we compliment your existing assessment tools or introduce new types of analysis to help you understand individual capabilities and development areas and team dynamics and synergies.

Leadership Engagment, Assessment & Onboarding

Bespoke Leadership Programmes

Working alongside experienced HR experts, we can help you shape a leadership programme that covers assessment, coaching, succeeding planning and individual and team development.

We’re a solution-agnostic consultancy, so whether it’s new hires, internal moves or upskilling existing teams, our comprehensive programmes recommend the best tools for your needs.

Leadership Engagment, Assessment & Onboarding

Leadership Pre-Boarding

There is typically a period of several months, sometimes longer, between a successful candidate signing and joining your organisation. Why wait to start onboarding a key leader?

Embedded in our executive search offering, our unique pre-boarding programme consists of a series of short coaching sessions designed to set leaders up for success ahead of Day One.

Led by Michael Watkins’ team at Genesis, using the framework from international bestseller The First 90 Days, three coaching sessions are held before the candidate’s start date. This helps to:

● Halve the time it takes to reach full performance
● Reduce the likelihood of derailment by 50%
● Improve credibility with early wins and strategic stakeholder management
● Gain faster alignment with the team
● Ensure more rapid integration into the organisation
● Mitigate the transition risk of high-stake placements
● Avoid common mistakes made by leaders entering new roles

Leadership Engagment, Assessment & Onboarding

Leadership Onboarding

Regardless of their experience or skill, leaders will be able to add more value quickly if their transition is supported. Partnering with Michael Watkins’ carefully selected global network of leadership consultants at Genesis, their transition acceleration programme helps high-potential leaders to successfully transition into challenging new roles. Combining the proven ‘First 90 Days’ methodology with 1:1 coaching it enables leaders to build on and sustain the momentum created through the pre-borading programme and businesses to:

● Gain competitive advantage by creating virtuous onboarding cycles
● Create a language for navigating transitions that can be replicated at all levels
● Leverage a globally recognised, proven framework and methodology

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