Ann-Marie Stewart

Executive Assistant

Ann-Marie is an Executive Assistant to Louisa Perry, Head of Technology & Digital Practice.

My story

I have worked in recruitment for over 16 years, first as a recruitment consultant and then finding my love more in supporting the recruitment process. I have been an Executive Assistant in Executive Search for over 10 years now, having spent a large part of my career in a large worldwide firm, before moving into a Financial Services business. I joined the Technology & Digital Practice at Savannah in June 2021, and have never looked back.

My focus

I am EA to Louisa Perry, Partner & Head of the Technology & Digital Practice, and work alongside the rest of the team to provide a fast-paced support function, and keeping our clients and candidates happy as they move through the search process.

My motivation

I am a people person by nature, and this is the best role to be in, to capitalise on creating strong working relationships with colleagues and clients alike. Working with C-suite clients gives you the chance to speak with some very interesting people, and no day is ever the same. Being busy keeps my brain working, and I love the satisfaction of crossing off items on my (very) long to-do list!

Why I like working at Savannah

Savannah has such a great work ethos and I’ve felt like I was part of the family from the minute I walked into the office on my first day. The culture of kindness is very evident, and if I’m spending time away from my family each week, I want to enjoy the time I have away from them – Savannah makes that very easy – I can’t wait to see what the future at Savannah holds.

Where we work

Global coverage

Our global model ensures that the partner who you have the relationship with, and is best placed to deliver the best results, runs the search from start to end, with the support of local market knowledge where it’s needed.

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