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Daniel Yeates

Associate Partner

Dan is an Associate Partner within the Technology, Digital & Innovation Practice at Savannah Group.

My story

My executive search career started in 2006, and since then I have been focused on the technology sector, consistently moving up the value chain, partnering with clients to strengthen their c-suite and non-exec teams. Having worked for Korn Ferry, and two smaller specialist boutiques, has enabled me to take the best of practice, process, and ethos from each to deliver quality, accuracy, and discretion.

My focus

As a technology sector specialist, I work across the c-suite and non-exec level with technology solution and services providers, partnering with private equity backed, listed, private, and innovative start-up clients servicing the global B2B and B2C markets to strengthen their commercial, operational, and technology leadership. To date I’ve have delivered assignments in over 30 countries across five continents.

My motivation

During my 16 years of operating within the global technology market, the world has seen huge amounts of change. Who would have guessed that mobile phones would organise most people’s lives and that an online delivery company would be on course for world domination? Tongue in cheek comments aside, technology touches the lives of almost everybody in some form on both a personal and business level. My natural curiosity has helped me move with the ever-shifting technology landscape, not just wanting to understand current trends, but importantly how will advancements enhance the future and how can I support my clients to thrive in competitive environments and future proof their organisations.

Why I like working at Savannah

As my career has progressed, the culture of the organisation I work for has elevated considerably in my own list of priorities. So much at Savannah resonates with my own views on the market, best practices, strategy, and achieving excellence.

Savannah Group is a business services organisation with highly talented, successful, and experienced individuals, with low ego. If you have a voice, it is heard, regardless of the role you operate in. A cohesive culture has been created, not by chance, that means each client has the best team representing them in the market. A team that will question each their own actions whilst executing ‘the lots of little things’ very well, and that is how you deliver a first-class service.

Daniel Yeates's 
Specialism & Experience
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