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Sarah Duggan


Sarah is a Principal in our Transformation Consulting Practice. She has over 15 years experience in People and Talent helping organisations shape their success through leadership, talent and business transformation strategies.

My story

Having read a degree in Psychology, I started my career in Psychological Wellbeing, helping young individuals develop coping strategies and behaviours to support their mental health and wellbeing.

During my career I experienced organisational change and transformation and developed an interest in Organisational Design. I retrained and read an MSc in Organisational Psychology spending a number of years working within Assessment, Talent Development and OD, providing a range of solutions to help organisations attract, retain and develop their employees.  Over the years with organisations undertaking cost cutting, mergers and pivoting business strategies, this became an important factor in executing the right strategies and tactics to retain and develop talented employees to help drive change success.

My focus from there has been helping companies understand employee skills, abilities, talents, behaviour and potential to achieve organisational goals, whilst contributing to their human and professional development.

My focus

My focus is to help organisations achieve high performance and competitive advantage by unlocking  the value of their people. This could involve advising on the effectiveness of people and systems related change to enable people to be flexible, adaptive and participative, right through to helping an organisation asses their leadership capability through psychological insights to support growing their talent and increasing performance.

My motivation

I have joined Savannah to help build their consulting offering Sarah likes working in partnership to meet clients needs.  She love’s solving problems by engaging with people and truly believes that by building diverse teams which complement a clients culture, you are able to solve complex business challenges. Helping organisations deliver change is just part of the solution – engaging with their workforce throughout a programme is essential and helps ensure successful outcomes and finds it extremely rewarding to bring people together to deliver meaningful change.

Why I like working at Savannah

Savannah are a collaborative organisation who have a range of services which enables every individual to deliver the right solution at the right time, with expert teams who work together to deliver outstanding results. I believe it’s this mix of services, together with the quality of our people and culture which really sets us apart. I am glad to be part of a business which uses insights built on both qualitative and quantitative data to put people at the heart of what they do.

Sarah Duggan's 
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