Victoria Clingen-Turner

Research Analyst

Victoria is a research analyst supporting across all our function and sector practices.

My Story

I graduated in 2020 with a degree in History and Politics from the University of Cambridge. I applied to the Savannah Group graduate programme as I was looking for jobs which combined desk research with a more personable element. I was excited to find this combination, along with a collaborative and welcoming work environment in Savannah.

My focus

Throughout the course of the graduate scheme, I will have the opportunity to work across the various functional and sector practices.

My motivation

I am enjoying the opportunity to learn from people at all stages of their career, both internally and externally, and look forward to applying what I learn to my own skills and knowledge.

Why I like working at Savannah

From my first interaction with the company, I could tell this was a company with a real care for the people who worked there. I have found this to be true and enjoy working in a place where learning from each other is really prioritised.

Where we work

Global coverage

Our global model ensures that the partner who you have the relationship with, and is best placed to deliver the best results, runs the search from start to end, with the support of local market knowledge where it’s needed.

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