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About Us

Next Generation Experts in Leadership

A unique combination of data & analytics and knowledge & insight, powered by revolutionary technology, MapX

Our Story

We Challenge. We Achieve. We Do What’s Right. We Collaborate. These are the Savannah values. And they’re not just words. They’re what our business is built on.

Organisations need great leaders to succeed. But identifying and recruiting the people who will enable your business to thrive in today’s complex business environment has never been more challenging.

That’s why we’re here.

Founded in 2002, and rebranded as Savannah in 2017, we’re not like other search firms. We don’t sell cookie-cutter solutions, recycle old networks or recommend the same familiar faces every time.

Instead, we believe in ‘thinking beyond’. Pushing ourselves to look broader and deeper for candidates who might be overlooked. Challenging each other to find new, better ways of doing things. Investing more and more in people and AI. All so we can solve the hardest leadership challenges of today – and tomorrow.

We’re Savannah. The next-generation executive search and leadership consulting firm.

Our Story
Our Culture


Our CEO Katrina Cheverton has made diversity at Savannah about actions, not words. 68% of our team and 59% of our placements are diverse. We also partner with organisations like Tech She Can and Radical Recruit that are proactively working to move the dial.


Healthy people. Healthy planet. What could be more important? At Savannah, we have entire teams and budgets dedicated to inclusivity, wellness, sustainability, and charity and community.

Candidate Care

We want everyone to have a positive experience of Savannah. Not just clients and colleagues. Candidates too. We share advice and feedback with them at every stage of the process. And to help us make the experience even better, we ask for feedback on how we did too.


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Our Expert Team

A diverse, collaborative group of experts focused on diagnosing, designing and delivering transformational leadership for forward-thinking clients.

Our Values

We CHallenge

We think independently, communicate openly and are not afraid to push boundaries.

We Share

We achieve more when we collaborate and share our expertise.

We Achieve

We are restless in our pursuit of new knowledge, solutions and ideas.

We do what's right

We look beyond profits, valuing integrity, authenticity and respect.

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