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What we do

Diagnose, Design, Deliver Transformational Leadership

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Enhanced by technology

Built by Savannah talent experts, data scientists and engineers, MapX analyses 80 million+ data points to build an accurate picture of global leadership talent.  It’s like having the world’s most knowledgeable talent expert – working at inhuman speeds. MapX supplements Savannah’s experienced talent intelligence analysts and consultants to answer your most critical talent questions.

Common applications of talent intelligence

A guide to talent intelligence

Our Services

Achieve transformational leadership with the help of our experts. Using analytics and insight, enhanced by revolutionary technology, we’ll diagnose your challenges before designing and delivering solutions.


Find the right leadership fix for whatever challenge your function is facing. From innovation to consolidation. From transformation to growth.


Want to give your business a competitive edge? Get nuanced industry insights from our sector experts and talent intelligence team.


Supercharge the speed and effectiveness of your talent acquisition with Savannah’s custom-made technologies. Built by leadership experts, data scientists and engineers, these tools enable you to find and understand high quality, hard-to-find candidate populations more quickly and easily.

Our Expert Team

A diverse, collaborative group of experts focused on diagnosing, designing and delivering transformational leadership for forward-thinking clients.

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