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Succession Planning

Succession planning is critical for future business success. This commonly means nurturing high-potential employees so they can one day take on the most senior roles. But how do you know if your internal options are the best options?

Create your optimal leadership pipeline with Savannah’s succession planning

What Clients have to say

Savannah did an amazing piece of work for IP Group which was very useful in helping us firm up our intended strategy. In my experience with external partners there’s often a need to put in extra effort yourself to make their work fit for purpose, but with Savannah I didn’t have to do that. They understood what I wanted and delivered exactly what I asked for.

Anthony York, Chief People Officer, IP Group

Futureproof your business with superior succession planning

Benefits of succession planning with Savannah
Here’s how it works
Diligent organisations benchmark incumbents and potential successors against the external market. They then use the comparative data to identify talent gaps and create appropriate development initiatives. The result? More effective succession planning and a much stronger leadership pipeline.

Revolutionary AI technology

Savannah’s proprietary AI uncovers a broader and more interesting range of hidden talent, conducting five days of traditional research in under two hours.

We have developed our AI with technologists with world-class credentials from firms such as Apple, Google, and Nest.

Exhaustively trained and tested over four years, drawing on over twenty years of recruitment and leadership consulting experience.

It complements the expertise of Savannah’s team, enabling them to deliver transformative insight and impact.

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Benchmarking for Succession Planning

Thorough succession planning provides assurance that you have the best people taking on your top roles. Get your critical appointments right and set up for success.
Some of our Clients & Partners
Succession Planning FAQs

Succession benchmarking is when you compare your current incumbent or internal successors against the external market. It is used to evaluate available options for senior roles and identify the different skillsets each one would bring.

We offer a unique combination of innovative technology and human expertise. Our team of leadership consultants use our next-generation AI mapping technology to provide you with clear, accurate insights into your available options for more senior roles. The output includes fully validated, board-ready insights, enabling you to demonstrate good due diligence and achieve alignment on the best path forwards.

Succession benchmarking shows you how your organisation’s succession planning efforts measure up to industry norms and best practices. It also helps you identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, allowing you to make more informed decisions and develop effective succession strategies.

Our expert team of leadership consultants use our next-generation AI technology to gather, validate and analyse vast quantities of company and people data. 

Key factors include industry relevance, organisational environment, location, skillsets and diversity. Data on the wider market can also provide important context.

We create an assessment framework based on the requirements for the role. This will include quantitative analysis on career paths, organisational exposures and skillsets along with subjective commentary and scoring against the fit for the role.  We then use our AI platform, MapX, to categorise career profile data, which is validated by our expert team. The output is a breakdown of all relevant profiles in the market, with each one ranked against your internal options.

Succession benchmarking provides insights into the skills, competencies and experiences of high-performing individuals in comparable organisations. We can use these insights to identify critical success factors and recommend more effective developmental pathways for senior roles.

Succession benchmarking enables you to objectively assess your internal successors against external options. This can highlight the strength of talent you already have, expose gaps that need to be filled by external talent, and identify valuable experiences and skillsets that you may want to bring into your organisation. The aim is to provide you with the insights you need to make the right decisions for your business, ensuring you achieve smooth leadership transitions and long-term organisational sustainability.

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