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Talent Intelligence

Future resilience and growth depend on knowing who, how and when to hire. Get these critical decisions right with Talent Intelligence by Savannah.

Why Talent Intelligence?

Talent Intelligence gives you competitive advantage by enabling better decisions on who, how and where to hire.

Benefits of Savannah's Talent Intelligence

Big leadership decisions to make?

You can use talent intelligence for:

Benchmarking candidates

Benchmark an incumbent or internal successors against the external market

Future function analysis

Analyse functions within competitors and more mature organisations to gain insights into capability, key players, structure, skills, diversity and background

Diversity mapping

Assess diversity in the market for a particular role or function, including identifying individuals who could be approached for a future role

Location analysis

Understand the size, strength, quality and cost of a talent across multiple locations to inform decisions on where to build physical or remote teams

map your talent

Build talent pipelines or talent pools to meet a future hiring requirement or identify individuals with uncommon skills and experiences

Competitor analysis

Understand how your most successful competitors structure their teams, where they hire from, where their strengths lie and the likely mobility of key individuals

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Here’s how it works
Savannah’s dedicated team of leadership consultants and data analysts create a pool of relevant individuals based on the business question you need answering. Our proprietary AI finds a broader and more interesting range of hidden talent. Our experts then analyse details such as career history, skills, capabilities, remit, diversity and mobility. The insights we provide enable confident decision making.

Revolutionary AI technology

Savannah’s proprietary AI uncovers a broader and more interesting range of hidden talent, conducting five days of traditional research in under two hours.

We have developed our AI with technologists with world-class credentials from firms such as Apple, Google, and Nest.

Exhaustively trained and tested over four years, drawing on over twenty years of recruitment and leadership consulting experience.

It complements the expertise of Savannah’s team, enabling them to deliver transformative insight and impact.

Why leaders choose us


Our insights and recommendations deliver transformative business impact


Proprietary AI processes vast quantities of relevant data, at pace


Every project is diagnosed, deisgned and delivered for each client


 Our team, supported by our AI, search further to bring you answers

Talent Intelligence FAQs

Our talent intelligence services offer you the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we use cutting-edge AI technology, which enables us to gather data at a pace and scale way beyond what traditional methods can achieve. On the other hand, all the data we gather is challenged, validated and analysed by a team of expert leadership consultants. It’s a uniquely powerful combination of technical ingenuity and human insight.

Talent intelligence enables you to make data-driven decisions and align your talent strategies with business goals. It offers valuable insights on everything from recruitment to succession planning, from employee engagement to workforce analytics.

Our experts draw data from numerous sources, which they then validate and visualise through analytics. Their analysis uncovers trends, patterns and examples that enable you to make confident leadership decisions.

Talent intelligence is useful for validating your talent acquisition strategies, particularly when hiring for new capabilities and roles. It helps you to avoid misguided senior recruitment investments and enables you to effectively prioritise when, where and who to hire.

Talent intelligence provides data-driven insights on the size, shape, diversity and mobility of critical talent populations. This helps you make more informed decisions when building pipelines for critical leadership positions.

Our talent intelligence experts are supported our proprietary AI technology. The AI is built to mimic executive search methodology at a pace and scale impossible to achieve with traditional methods.  The team validate and analyse the data collected to produce board-ready insights for you and your organisation.

Our AI identifies relevant candidates based on company and people capability alone. It does not make selections based on any demographic characteristics. It is trained solely on the technical career markers recruitment teams look for when determining relevancy for inclusion within a project.

Talent intelligence incorporates advanced technology and data analytics to provide as close as possible to 100% market coverage. This results in insights that are based on robust data, rather than on intuition or a narrow market view.

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