James Davies

Principal and Head of Digital Delivery, Digital and Technology Leaders Practice

James is a member of the Global Digital and Technology Leaders practice. He has been working in search since graduating in 2013, both in London and overseas. He has been involved in numerous international and domestic searches across a number of sectors and has a special interest in cyber security.

My story

I have been working in search since I graduated, both in the UK and South America. What really attracted me to the industry was being able to interact with industry-leading executives from all around the world, while getting to understand exactly what makes them successful.

My focus

I have a particular interest in cyber and information security and how organisations keep their data protected. I have worked on a number of information security searches, and have had a research paper on this topic published. I also have an interest in technology and digital innovation and how it enables organisations to open doors and access new markets in different and exciting ways. My methodological approach means that nothing slips though the net. Our thorough, practical research strategy gives our clients the best choice of candidates, which, in turn, allows them to make the most informed decisions for their business.

My motivation

I love having a say in how a search is conducted. Savannah gives researchers autonomy to set the search strategy and adjust the methodologies depending on their individual strengths.

The aspect of my job that I enjoy the most is having such a varied workload; no two days are ever the same. We have the good fortune to work with a huge variety of clients, from giant multinationals to small regional firms. Learning about what makes them prosper is an unending source of intrigue.

Why I like working at Savannah

The most important aspect of Savannah to me is the people behind the brand. The culture of the company is incredibly welcoming and encourages you to think outside the box.

Where we work

Global coverage

Our global model ensures that the partner who you have the relationship with, and is best placed to deliver the best results, runs the search from start to end, with the support of local market knowledge where it’s needed.

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