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Paris Air Show 2023 Write Up

In an industry considered by some to be glacial in its evolution when compared to the likes of technology and service segments, the world of aerospace and defence is now moving forward in quantum leaps on numerous fronts.

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Culture Building in Travel & Hospitality

Five years ago, we met with leading figures from the travel, hospitality and leisure sectors
at one of our quarterly Boardroom Lunches and the topic of conversation turned to the
relevancy of Peter Drucker’s famous quote: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – and whether that was becoming more, or less, true, as the pace of change accelerated.

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Leadership Lessons Series: Learning from Sport

At a unique event, Savannah Group in collaboration with Google Cloud brought together a panel of sporting leaders to discuss parallels and lessons for business from succeeding – and failing – at a high-performance level. Our diverse panel of leaders included Vicky Gosling OBE, CEO of GB Snowsport,  Nick Fry, chairman of McLaren Applied, Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE, former captain of the Great Britain and England hockey teams and Iain Nairn MBE, former England Physical Disability cricket team captain.

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Infrastructure Talent Themes and Challenges for 2022

What are the key themes and challenges facing infrastructure talent acquisition in 2022? This is the exact question Tim Shaw, Partner in Savannah’s Industrial Practice, addressed in his recent keynote presentation at FIDICs Global Infrastructure Conference. As we look ahead into 2022, there will be four major areas that need to be focused on to attract and retain the best talent:
• Diversity
• Hybrid Culture
• Digital
• Purpose

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Deal-making in a Pandemic: Valuations

Over a year on from the first lockdown, Savannah Group has reflected on what has been an extraordinary year in the Private Equity sector with the volume of requests for pre and post-acquisition support mirroring the ebb and flow of deal-making and all the challenges that has brought with it.

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Report: The Business of Global Content

It is the golden age of content, and marketing, brand and distribution revenues are all driven, to a large extent, by creating compelling content. Our report looks at the findings of a survey of over 100 industry executives to get a sense of the trends and challenges taking place within the sports, media & entertainment sector, which finds itself in a state of flux and transformation. With the consumer exercising more power than ever before in how they consume content, the report discusses the concept of customer centricity, how organisations use content to create and capture value and the importance of the role of Chief Content Officer.

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Established Energy Players Aren’t Interested In Consumers

It seems that the rate of change in the energy sector is taking people by surprise. Given the falling costs of technology and availability of new renewable technologies, so much is being achieved in pushing the boundaries of this industry. We discuss what the organisational implications for business leaders and investors are.

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