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Sense and Respond: How to Deliver Outcomes not Outputs

If the past year has demonstrated anything, it’s that we live in an unpredictable world supported by technology. To thrive within these conditions of uncertainty and to future-proof our businesses, we must strive to become ‘sensing organisations,’ that can sense and respond, continuously, in real time. In the latest of Savannah Group’s series of exclusive Harvard Business Review Press events, we welcomed Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden. Authors of the bestselling book Sense and Respond, Jeff and Josh discussed how organisations need to rethink the way we organise work in order to sense and respond quickly.

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Report: Breaking Ground

Diversity is not just a moral obligation or the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint – it’s an economic imperative, powering more profitable, innovative and creative businesses. Through this report, supported by interviews with 24 female E&C CEOs and executive leaders and a range of quantitative data, Savannah Group explores the sheer scale of the challenge and an actionable roadmap to achieving better diversity.

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Agile Leadership for Organisational Performance

For leaders in the current climate, everything is magnified. Rapidly changing business environments require strategically agile leaders, able to quickly adapt to changing situations and with a high degree of cultural sensitivity to make them equally effective across the global span of their business operations.

Savannah Group recently hosted an event with panel of experts
to get their thoughts and insight into what defines leadership agility and how to identify and develop it within teams and organisations.

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Four Paths to Becoming a Platform Business

New ecosystems are superseding conventional business models in many industries. The recent global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in sectors that we couldn’t have foreseen even a few months ago. As this evolution takes shape, the roles of CIO and CDO are at the forefront of digital transformation. But this isn’t digital transformation as we know it. Moving from paths to platforms requires technology to fundamentally reinvent the business as digital-first.  The role of the CIO and CDO is to bring the right tech to the table.

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The £45 Billion Opportunity

Recently published analysis by Deloitte found that poor mental health costs UK businesses up to £45 billion each year – a rise of 16% since 2016. Rob Stephenson, Founder of InsideOut is a campaigner for creating healthier workplaces. Rob describes mental health as one of the big challenges of our lifetime.

So how do we capitalise on this £45 billion opportunity? And what is the role of the board and the executive committee in really pushing the mental health agenda forwards?

To explore these questions, InsideOut partnered with Savannah Group for an event hosted at KPMG to bring a room of senior executives together to educate and inspire about the opportunities addressing mental health in the workplace can bring.

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Report: Transforming for Tomorrow

Digital disruption doesn’t respect industry boundaries. As incumbents dabble with digital, bolder players are seizing their chance to dominate a new, technology-driven world. The only way to compete is to embrace digital at the core of your organisation and adopt a digital mindset to transform for tomorrow. Savannah Group in partnership with PA Consulting and Prof. Venkat Venkatraman from Boston University have collaborated on a research study and report, collecting views and opinions from over 400 senior executives on the current state of their organisation’s digital transformation and how to achieve competitive advantage.

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Savannah Group Commercial Practice H1 Update

Each half-year our Commercial Practice puts together a 5-minute update which briefly covers some of the activity we have been seeing in the market relating to the commercial function, the trends we have spotted and some of the work we have been asked to undertake from a sales, marketing and customer acquisition perspective.

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To Be Successful In Difficult Emerging Markets, Don’t Rely On The Expat

Competition for talent continues to be a very hot topic in business today on both local and global level. And not least because of the extraordinary competitive edge afforded to those organisations – across the world – who invest in spotting and retaining talent. At Savannah Group, every day we see the rewards that high-growth organisations reap from positioning themselves to attract and retain highly-talented and agile workforces.

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