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Market Mapping & Intelligence

Our talent mapping and insights service combines advanced data science and business analytics with proven executive search techniques to help businesses plan and execute their future talent strategy. Using our proprietary talent mapping and insights technology we help large private and public companies understand, identify and engage the talent required at each stage of a businesses’ journey.  

Market Mapping & Intelligence

Advanced Mapping Capabilities

At the heart of our mapping & insights service is our bespoke executive talent mapping technology. This technology, combined with our research teams’ specialist knowledge and experience, allows us to rapidly cover the market, surface valuable insights and introduce fresh ideas into the search strategy. We help businesses answer critical talent questions including:


  • Which organsiations should we benchmark ourselves against?

  • What talent capabilities do we need to support the future business strategy?

  • Where can we find these capabilities?

  • Which companies would make the best headhunting targets?

  • Where can we find more diverse talent?

  • How do other organisations develop and acquire talent?

  • Who is growing the best talent?

  • How big is the relevant talent pool for a future hire?

  • How much does the best talent cost?

  • How can we present our employment proposition in the most compelling way?

Future Talent Strategy

Insights on competitor and industry executive talent strategy. Understand the key players in each business, their background, which companies they came from and diversity across a range of businesses.

Talent Mapping & Pipelining

Advanced executive talent mapping technology that allows us to search further, faster. We identify diverse and hard to find candidates and assess their suitability against the criteria you are looking for.

EVP Candidate Engagement Packs

Creating custom interactive EVP story packs to make the opportunity with you as attractive as possible. Particularly important when engaging hard to hire and in-demand talent pools or where a business has a perception challenge in the market.

Interim Management

Our Team

Our team

Who we are

Our consultants have on average more than 15 years of search experience within each of their specialised areas, bringing unparalleled levels of expertise, credibility and trust among clients and candidates alike.

Market Mapping & Intelligence

Tailoring to You

Our projects are able to be fully customisable to your needs and are designed to be modular in nature. From benchmarking to competitor analysis, talent mapping and talent pipelining, we can run projects in isolation or in combination with our other services. We work with you to fully understand your journey and how we can assist and create bespoke projects to support you internally and externally.

Market Mapping & Intelligence

Strategic Talent Planning

An evidence-based consulting project led by an experienced team with expertise in the function or Industry.

These projects are useful for engaging senior stakeholders around future function planning where the critical experiences required in a role or function are different to the current environment, or for insights into competitor talent strategy.

We work with you to select a number of relevant companies to focus on, typically either competitors or businesses from an industry or specific capability that is of particular interest. We uncover how diverse their team is, the industries they hire from, the structure of their business functions, who the key executives are and other valuable insights.


Market Mapping & Intelligence

Talent Mapping, Talent Pipelining & Succession Planning

Building a talent pool around a specific list of requirements with insights into the size, shape and diversity of that talent pool. Talent mapping projects are best when the critical experiences required for the role are well understood. Projects are modular and can be specified with a focus on diversity, compensation benchmarking, availability and interest checking and candidate assessment scores.

Market Mapping & Intelligence

EVP Candidate Story Packs

Most of our clients are on a transformation journey and some can struggle with candidate engagement due to historic perception challenges that exist with their brand. This can range from negative sentiment due to the industry they are in or simply not being known as a contemporary business on an exciting transformation journey.

We create custom candidate story packs which position the opportunity at your business in the most compelling way possible. These mobile optimised, interactive stories improve candidate engagement so that larger numbers of candidates flow through to later stages of the hiring process.

Our team will take a combination that includes interviewing key stakeholders blended with an in-depth online review and our expertise in talent acquisition to promote your company and increase engagement with hard to hire candidates.


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