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The Race for Tech Talent

Study objectives In the context of a difficult hiring environment for technology talent, we set out to answer a series of critical questions. Download full

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The Cyber Security Leadership Crisis

Cyber attacks are expected to exceed $10 trillion annually by 2025. As they become more frequent and sophisticated, the need for leadership cyber talent who can defend against them becomes business-critical.

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Report: Building Digital Boards

2020 will be remembered as the year the world was forced to make a radical and life-altering pivot. Change has been forced upon organisations and they’ve had to be quick to adapt. One of the major themes that has been accelerated is the adoption and use of digital technology. Whether it’s how we work, where we work, how we shop or how we spend our leisure time, digital technology is embedded in every area of our lives. The barriers to change have been taken down and acceptance of change has never been greater.

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The Technology Disconnect

The successful execution of a digital, product and technology strategy is one of the important commercial competitive differentiators for any business. Yet we frequently hear boards and ExCos lamenting the lack of technology leadership and delivery of impactful digital transformation. Their plea is for CIOs who can deliver meaningful, commercial value through digital and data technologies. Conversely, CIOs report that the dynamic, digital role they were promised is, in fact, more operationally focused – dealing with legacy challenges. CIOs are passionate people with a real desire to effect digital change, so why, when there is clearly the will on both sides, is there still a disconnect between CIOs and their business colleagues?

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