3rd November 2022
Savannah Group is proud to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership with Tech She Can, a charity focussed on driving equal opportunities in technology.

Tech She Can’s vision is for women to be equal members in creating and developing the new tech businesses, products and services that shape our world, so that technology works for all. Their focus is practical interventions across the education and career span, including:

1) To enrich education: educate and inspire pupils, especially girls, to take tech subjects and consider tech careers

2) To influence change: in the workplace, in schools, in government

In its first year alone, Tech She Can has inspired over 10,000 children in schools across the UK, by putting role models into classrooms, quashing old stereotypes and unlocking new potential.

Tech She Can’s ambitions for the future are even bigger: female-friendly apprenticeship packages, careers insight programmes & internships; research and best practice guidance on what works to attract, retain and develop girls and women; to increase their reach into schools… and more.

Kersty Bletso, Partner, Savannah Group

“Savannah, since its inception, has had an unswerving passion and commitment to bringing incredible women into technology leadership roles.  In the past year, 78% of Savannah’s placements into senior technology roles have been female or BIPOC candidates.  We know that a large proportion of young women and girls effectively count themselves out of a career in technology through the choices they make at school and university.  Whilst this is improving, we want to do more.   We’ll be working with Tech She Can to help address these challenges, including through raising awareness in schools of the opportunities available in tech.”

Claire Thorne, Co-CEO, Tech She Can

“We’re delighted to welcome Savannah Group on board as a new strategic partner. Savannah’s commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with our own values and our mission to help ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in developing and creating the technology that shapes our world. We see collaboration as our superpower at Tech She Can and look forward to working with Savannah on initiatives which help deliver a more inclusive, diverse and sustainable tech sector.”

Katrina Cheverton, CEO, Savannah-Group

“Technology is influencing and changing every aspect of our lives bringing a wealth of opportunity, which unfortunately isn’t evenly distributed. Tech She Can’s mission and values are fiercely aligned with Savannah’s.  We are delighted to partner with them. Together we can continue to make a meaningful difference to equality and inclusion in technology, which is important not just for business but for society as a whole.”

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