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Board & CEO Practice

Board composition and structure is critical in maximising long term positive impact on the organisation. Businesses can be in varying stages of maturity, so creating a diverse board that reflects the organisations strategic direction and ultimate ambitions is a high priority. We maintain close ties to many outstanding leaders, and can advise you in a personal and objective way on best practice for board composition, as well as assisting you with director search.

Board & CEO Practice

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A chairman needs good judgement, discretion and a specialised set of skills. Through our rigorous process, we help you find the seasoned individuals who best match the culture of your company and the demands of your board.

Non-Executive Directors

Heightened expectations of board members has made NED recruitment more challenging. Independent board experienced directors with the necessary professional standards can be hard to come across. We excel at finding individuals who diversify your board’s perspective and increase your team’s effectiveness.


Whether you need an immediate search to combat a crisis, or are looking for a more strategic CEO succession plan, we work with the board to provide the insights and information needed to identify the right leader for the future businesses. Our team covers all industries, regions and networks to provide access to global CEOs that perform effectively in complex environments.

Board Practice

Our Capability

Savannah has a highly capable board practice that balances the deep relationship needed to understand the challenges and ambitions for the board, along with objective council through our unbiased perspective on what is best for you. We have the proven experience, knowledge and intelligence to advise and assist Chairs in building effective boards.

  • Multiple searches in the past five years

  • 81% repeat business

  • Fortune 500, FTSE 100, 250, Public Sector and PE backed.

Board Practice

Our Team

Our team

Who we are

Our consultants have on average more than 15 years of search experience within each of their specialised areas, bringing unparalleled levels of expertise, credibility and trust among clients and candidates alike.

Access The Best

Major global search firms run thousands of searches a year, and as a result aren’t always able to approach who they want due to extensive client off-limit restrictions. Savannah combines the quality, agility and dedication of a boutique firm with the specialism and global capability of a larger search firm.

Top Tier Specialists

We focus exclusively on the most senior roles within our specialist areas, providing deep insights into your competitive landscape, and only approach who we consider to be in the top ten percent of global talent.

Immediate & Long Term Impact

We are one of the only firms to have a truly integrated search and interim offering, able to provide short term tactical and long term strategic hiring solutions. This provides clients access to the human capital resources they need right now, whatever maturity stage your business is in.

Building Effective Boards

Good Governance

The governance practices of companies in many major economies are being challenged, most particularly in the UK. Businesses are under pressure from shareholders and policy makers to perform against their global peers. Recent examples of corporate failure are exposing the weakness in how principles of “good governance” are being applied, and ticking the boxes on governance does not necessarily protect financial integrity, shareholder returns and broader stakeholder interests. This opens up a broader discussion about governance at board level, and requires deep understanding of assessment to provide a board that doesn’t just look good on paper but is also highly effective.

Building Effective Boards

Diversity of Thought

Diversity of thought around the board table is critical and more needs to be done to get this right. A key role of the Chairman is to ensure that all of the competencies required for effective governance are represented by talented individuals who bring that diversity, understand their role and are capable of making the necessary contribution – and the Chairman needs to be able to draw from those competencies and harness the diversity for the effective oversight of management and the general good governance of the company.

Board & CEO Practice

Crisis Management

Sometimes circumstances dictate that an immediate change of CEO is needed. In these instances, our interim management team work with their search colleagues to run an accelerated search process to identify and secure an individual who can steady the ship or turnaround a company’s fortunes.

As one of the only firms to have a truly integrated search and interim offering, we are able to provide senior leaders who specialise in short-term or long-term change and growth. This approach helps you make the right strategic hire for your current need.

Featured Report

Sequencing the DNA of Tomorrow's CEO

CEOs were already operating in a volatile, fast-changing business environment, but the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the challenges they must overcome to succeed.

In June 2020, Savannah Group surveyed 90 chairs and CEOs from FTSE and PE-backed companies about their views on how the traits and skills required of a business leader are changing. In the responses to an open question about the fundamental challenges facing CEOs in the “next normal” arising from the crisis, several key themes emerged.

The service they provide is second to none. They have taken the time to understand our brand, mission, values and our requirements and they have always worked at pace to deliver.

Carol Muldoon, VP of Partner Resources, EMEA

Successfully helped me recruit our CEO, delivering an exceptionally strong shortlist which provided real depth/breadth of choice. They are straightforward to deal with, honest and upfront with their advice and guidance, worked at pace and put the hours in to ensure we got the result we needed in the timescales we needed. A first rate job and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them again.

Hugh S C Morgan, Executive Chairman

They helped us find a really strong, commercial leader to be part of our Executive team. He has certainly been a good culture fit, stayed the course and delivered solutions which have underpinned our growth and success over the last few years. We would recommend them highly.

Dominic Taylor, CEO

Thinking Beyond means focusing on how talent achieves your strategic objectives.
That’s the idea, and the mission, behind everything we do.

Board & CEO Practice

Board Assessment & Advisory

We draw on our experience of working closely with many high performing boards to help you find the right balance of directors to maximise board effectiveness. As a trusted advisor, we consider the relationships, behaviours and alignment around the table, while through our director search, we make your board more inclusive, insightful and crucially, more diverse.

Our succession planning helps to ensure your board can address any potential gaps that may occur, either planned or otherwise, and that you maintain the right balance to reflect current or future challenges and needs.

Board & CEO Practice

CEO Search & Recruitment

Choosing the right CEO is one of the most difficult and important tasks a board has to make. No leadership position has a greater impact on the organisation’s success, and businesses can have a wide variety of needs from the most senior leadership position. We have a strong track record for CEO appointments, and work closely with the board to help identify and appoint the right CEO for the challenges and opportunities the organisation will be facing.

Board & CEO Practice

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