The market for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is booming. Beyond the hype and the media attention, there is a significant increase in investment and adoption by enterprises. As of 2017, a quarter of organisations are spending 15 percent or more of their IT budget on machine learning technologies, so if AI hasn’t been deployed within your organisation already, its deployment will likely only be a matter of time. Decisions being made right now about AI within your organisation can bring significant opportunities, such as cost savings, new insights into data patterns and enhanced customer service, but they also bring risks and vulnerabilities.
With AI being such a topical subject, we’ve put together a report with the help of IBM, PA Consulting, Forrester, Bioss and a number of other thought leaders in the space to help simplify and summarise the key areas that senior executives should be thinking about when it comes to AI and their business.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • Definitions and current perceptions of AI
  • Defining boundaries for AI and governance
  • The role of senior executives and HRDs in AI and Automation
  • How AI will likely be deployed in businesses
  • Business recommendations on preparing for an AI future
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