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Know The Talent Implications Of Your Strategy

Businesses are needing to innovate and grow while keeping control of costs. Organisations facing change need assurance that they have the right people in the right leadership roles who will lead and drive change successfully. As a result, businesses need robust leadership talent data & insight as inputs to their talent strategies.

Savannah’s Talent Strategy Consulting Services

Answering your talent strategy questions.

Our data rich analysis of the talent landscape and ability to identify individuals who will strengthen and transform your organisation gives you quality people and clear, actionable insights for confident decision making. We partner with organisations to:

– Identify and benchmark leadership talent

– Map candidate pool diversity

– Analyse competitors’ talent

– Map international talent pools

– Create diverse talent pipelines

Market Leading Talent Strategy Software

Savannah has built proprietary executive talent strategy software which combines organisational data with executive data from public and private sources. MapX searches further and faster to enable us to generate robust data and insights and identify hard to find candidates.

With access to over 25 million data points covering the global executive talent market, MapX mimics the way executive search teams identify relevant talent.

Why Partner With Us To Answer Your Critical Talent Strategy Questions


Savannah has been identifying and placing executives into businesses for over 20 years.

Advanced Technology

We use numerous talent identification tools including our state-of-the-art executive talent strategy software, MapX.


Our talent insights answer critical talent strategy questions and generate clear recommendations.

Data Analysis

We use data analysis techniques to identify less obvious sources of talent and spot patterns and trends.


We have access to executives across all major businesses internationally.


We make it easy to understand the implications of our findings and offer actionable insights.

Identify And Benchmark Leadership Talent

Have a hire in mind but want to identify people with very specific, hard-to-find capabilities or experiences? Or perhaps you want to run an external benchmarking project to identify top talent outside your business?

Our talent identification service thoroughly maps international talent markets to show you a wide range of diverse executives for C-Level and Director roles. We highlight those who are the strongest fit for your requirements, provide insights on the talent pool, for example diversity and career path analysis.

Analyse Competitors’ Leadership Talent

Are you thinking about building new capabilities within a function of your business and are wondering what the best approach is? Or perhaps you are curious about the competitive landscape within a market you are entering?

Savannah’s Competitor Analysis service provides a window into other organisations’ leadership and how they are organised. We can show you the team size and capabilities within specific functions or departments. We include who the key players are, the backgrounds of the individuals and their current remit. Typically these projects cover 10 to 20 businesses, giving you a full understanding of how the approaches specific businesses are taking and identify those individuals who would be most relevant for your business in the future.

Map International Leadership Talent

Are you struggling to find certain skills and experiences in a particular market? Or are you looking to build out teams in new locations or lower costs?

Our International Talent Pool Comparison service gives you a clear view of the best geographies in which you should search for the skills and competencies you need. We provide insight on the overall size of the pool, its experience, the supply and demand in each location, prominent competitors in those markets, diversity and size of future workforce.

Map Candidate Pool Diversity

Every organisation is prioritising diversity. The challenge is knowing where to find diverse candidates and whether they have the right skills and experience.

Our Diversity Mapping & Data service provides diversity data on international talent pools and gender pay gap analysis. In addition, we use diversity mapping techniques that expands the search radius across sectors and identify people others miss. Our talent pool predictions provide expected gender and ethnicity data within a talent pool and if we aren’t able to find enough diverse candidates at the level you are hiring at, we can help you identify up and coming talent at the level below.

The Right Solution For You

Business success relies on having the right people in the right roles at the right time. You may need to understand the next hires you should make. Or a turnaround executive in a seat quickly. You may need a team in place to effect transformation. Or you may need a strategic hire. Our solutions-led approach enables companies to take the appropriate actions to succeed.

Talent Strategy: Answering talent questions that impact your business strategy.

Transformation Consultants: Providing top-tier consultants who deliver transformation.

Interim leadership: Deploying proven executives to stabilise and transform, at pace.

Executive search: Delivering the world’s best leaders.

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