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The World’s Most Advanced Talent Mapping

Our market-leading talent mapping and insights service offers a unique blend of best-in-class candidate research and advanced data science and business analytics. Using our innovative mapping technology, we are able to search further and faster than other executive search firms to identify hard-to-find and diverse candidates with skills and capabilities your business needs.

Global Mapping & Insights

Accessing the Top 10% of Leadership Talent for World-Class Companies

Using our state-of-the-art technology, our experienced research team can map global talent to locate the top 10% of C-level leaders, VPs and directors across sectors and functions including:

● Board, CEO & NED
● Digital, Technology & Data
● Finance
● HR
● Legal
● Marketing & Commercial
● Operations & Engineering
● Procurement
● Supply Chain

Global Mapping & Insights

Leading-Edge Mapping Technology

Our proprietary leadership and talent mapping technology stands out as a true differentiator in the market. Combining organisational capability data with candidate data from public and private sources, MapX searches further and faster to enable us to create rich data insights for clients. Fuelled by over 25 million data points, the AI-assisted platform mimics the way executive search teams identify and access talent.

In the hands of our specialist research team, it helps us find 15% more relevant candidates for roles, a difference which quickly adds up over multiple hires.

Global Mapping & Insights

Talent Mapping & Succession Planning

Talent Mapping & Succession Planning Our mapping and succession planning service provides specialist leadership ID expertise to help you plan for future roles. Succession plans are built around your specific requirements to find and recommend the best, most suitable candidates. Projects are modular and can include:

● Global, regional or country focus
● Fresh ideas for target companies
● A specific focus on diversity
● Career path analysis
● Industry background analysis
● Assessment of candidate suitability against your criteria
● Compensation benchmarking
● Availability and interest checking

Global Mapping & Insights

Board-Ready Mapping Reports

HR and talent acquisition teams use our board-ready market mapping reports to engage senior stakeholders on talent strategy and succession plans. Alongside profiles of the most relevant candidates, our reports include a variety of data points including diversity, career path analysis, industry background and critical experience assessment. These insights provide extra credibility to our recommendations and help leaders across the business to better understand talent pools.

Global Mapping & Insights

Fresh & Creative Candidate Ideas

With industry boundaries increasingly blurring, alongside a growing need to hire more diverse candidates, looking in the same places for fresh talent is no longer sufficient. Using a data-led approach, considering thousands of companies and their capabilities, we identify fresh target organisations to hire from and locate diverse candidates by searching beyond the usual places.

Global Mapping & Insights

Diversity Mapping

Every organisation we speak to wants to diversify their workforce, to the extent that acquiring diverse leaders is a strategy priority and many have EDI targets. We map for diverse candidates across capabilities, functions, companies and regions, and visualise data presenting the size of talent pools, estimated diversity within them and where to find diverse candidates in the future.

Global Mapping & Insights

Trusted Recommendations & Engaging with Candidates

Through 20+ years of executive search experience, securing thousands of senior appointments globally, we have gained extensive expertise in identifying the best talent. After mapping the relevant talent pool and recommending priority targets, we can either engage candidates on your behalf to gauge interest and compensation, or simply hand the report to your internal team.

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