Leadership Succession Planning

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Leadership succession is crucial to the success of every business. Whether contingency planning against unexpected events, benchmarking candidates against the market or simply strategising for future growth and sustainability, we have extensive experience in helping organisations to build effective succession plans for their ExCo and other critical positions.

Leadership Succession Planning

Leadership Benchmarking & Succession Prioritisation

How do your current leaders compare against the wider market? If you have identified multiple roles to build succession plans for, we can provide a skills-based assessment of the market to help you prioritise what to focus on based on talent pool size, affordability and accessibility.

Leadership Succession Planning

Succession Planning & Successor Identification

There are two ways in which we can help you identify suitable successors for critical roles.

1. We agree on a list of suitable target companies based on the future direction of your business and map relevant functions at the companies to identify the likely successors.
2. A wider, cross-sector skills and capability mapping exercise to find candidates who offer something different, with contextual data around their remit, career path and experience.

After presenting candidates, we can update your succession plans monthly until you are ready to action them.

Leadership Succession Planning

Industry-Leading Succession Planning Technology

Our proprietary leadership and talent mapping technology, MapX, is unique in the industry. Combining organisational capability data with candidate data from public and private sources, MapX searches further and faster to enable us to generate rich data insights for our clients.

Fuelled by over 25 million data points, the AI-assisted platform mimics the way executive search teams identify and access talent. In the hands of our specialist research team, it helps us find 15% more relevant candidates for roles, a difference which quickly adds up over multiple hires.

Leadership Succession Planning

Leadership Assessment

What skills and behaviours do your current leaders have – and crucially, what they will need in the future? Our seamless, personalised leadership assessment service draws on the best of science and technology to present a thorough view of your executive leadership.

With future-focused leadership assessments from our qualified organisational psychologists, we provide individual and team-based assessment that can compliment your existing assessment tools or introduce different types of analysis to help you understand individual capabilities and development areas alonside team dynamics and synergies.

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