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Transformation & Change

Constant change is the new business as usual. Many opportunities are both new and difficult to forecast, resulting in businesses needing to become more agile and robust to succeed in this new environment. This need is having a profound effect on both how organisations are structured and the type of leadership it needs at any given time. Savannah is one of the only firms to have a truly integrated search and interim offering, giving us unparalleled access to senior leaders who specialise in both short-term and long-term change and transformation.

Transformation & Change

Our Expertise


Experienced senior leaders practised at steadying the ship and building positive momentum in challenging circumstances. We deploy executive interim managers to tackle the immediate need and then work with the Interim to work on the long term Search for the medium to long-term success of the business.


Board level executives, programme directors and functional specialists who deliver short and long-term growth through both the commercial and operational parts of the business. Our Interims are often required to bring structure to rapidly growing businesses, preparing a larger footprint as the business grows.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Support for early stage structural changes and specialist assistance in the Financial, Operational and Communication areas ahead of exit. A number of the skillsets required at this stage just aren’t needed in the day to day business. Savannah places senior Interim managers from pre-deal onwards and often work with these individuals to run the searches for the permanent management team.

Transformation & Change

Crisis Management

We supply senior Board, CEO, COO and Programme Directors skilled at turnaround and crisis management into Listed, Private and Private Equity backed businesses. They can be brought in as an urgent replacement for a displaced member of the management team, or to address a short-term competency gap – particularly common in high growth environments. Many of our Interim mandates originate from a crisis situation. We work hard to understand what success looks like from the point of view of the Interim Manager and work hand in hand with them through the lifecycle of the project to find the long-term replacement for the Interim.

Transformation & Change

Executives That Drive Transformation

We give you access to the individuals you need at each step of your journey. Whether you need high impact programme directors to organise your businesses projects, experienced specialists to optimise a business function, or a long-term leader to rally the business towards a successful exit, we have access to a broad spectrum of leadership talent on an interim or full-time basis.

Transformation & Change

Hire Durations From 6 Months To 3 Years+

Having access to leadership resources that can be deployed on both a fixed-term or full-time basis ensures we are unbiased in our recommendations, and helps you make the right strategic hire for your current need. Unlike other firms, our interim management and search practices aren’t siloed or disconnected. That regular back and forth communication between our practices gives you candidates that might otherwise be overlooked.

Transformation & Change

The Talent Market Is Evolving: Are You?

The talent market continues to evolve, with increasing numbers of candidates interested more in the challenge and opportunity than in the nature of the contract. As evidence of this, around 20% of the candidates our interim team places were originally headhunted for a search and at the time had expressed an interest in interim assignments. This approach not only assures you get the most appropriate person for your current situation but also gives you access to people that simply aren’t on the radar of other firms.

Highly Flexible

Build the ideal leadership team for your current situation. Use a blend of highly experienced interim and full-time senior leaders to give your team the balance and support it needs to succeed.

Fast & Efficient

A high percentage of transformation work requires a rapid solution. Our partners have honed the ability to deliver searches against accelerated timescales that don’t compromise on quality, ensuring you get the right person as quickly as possible.

Your Own Personal Global Team

Your personal team supports and searches globally wherever you have a need. Partners conduct the work at Savannah rather than just oversee it, and searches are assigned by partner speciality rather than partner region.

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