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Leadership Lessons from Defence

When it comes to leadership, the modern military does not rest on past laurels but is constantly evolving to embrace technological advances and new strategic thinking. As a result, today’s business leaders have much to learn from the armed forces.

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The Cyber Security Leadership Crisis

Cyber attacks are expected to exceed $10 trillion annually by 2025. As they become more frequent and sophisticated, the need for leadership cyber talent who can defend against them becomes business-critical.

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Diversity in interim hiring

Interim leaders are critical appointments. They might revive a failing business or lead a project that enables an organisation to transition to a better future. Yet interims typically do not count towards diversity targets in pay gap numbers or other diversity reporting. Is diversity in this pool less important?

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Report: Executive Interim & Consultancy Trends

The evolution of the Executive Interim market has meant that steady state type scenarios now account for less than a fifth of the mandates that we talk to clients about. This doesn’t mean to say that the market is shrinking, but that the agenda that brings the assignment to the table has changed.

The changes we’ve seen in the market have certainly helped us categorise the capabilities of our network. The market is maturing and
Interims will likely continue to become more specialist in the future.

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