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Paris Air Show 2023 Write Up

In an industry considered by some to be glacial in its evolution when compared to the likes of technology and service segments, the world of aerospace and defence is now moving forward in quantum leaps on numerous fronts.

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Culture Building in Travel & Hospitality

Five years ago, we met with leading figures from the travel, hospitality and leisure sectors
at one of our quarterly Boardroom Lunches and the topic of conversation turned to the
relevancy of Peter Drucker’s famous quote: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – and whether that was becoming more, or less, true, as the pace of change accelerated.

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Leadership Lessons from Defence

When it comes to leadership, the modern military does not rest on past laurels but is constantly evolving to embrace technological advances and new strategic thinking. As a result, today’s business leaders have much to learn from the armed forces.

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How To Do A Great Interview

The purpose of this document is to help you understand in greater depth what a headhunter is generally trying to get out of an interview and to give you some hints and tips on the do’s and don’ts of what and how you present at that interview.

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How to take references – legally

This white paper is part of a series which explores different aspects of building high performance management teams within venture capital and private equity portfolio companies. This paper deals specifically with reference checking and its use as a tool when assessing potential candidates. If you plan to take references yourself then be aware of the legal duty of care you owe to the candidate.

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How to Recruit a first class CEO

The strongest candidates will be attracted to a business which has a clear strategy and a board that is united behind it. It should not be the short term goal of the CEO to develop the strategy unless the business is in need of a “turnaround”

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