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What is Talent intelligence? A Guide for executives

Most business leaders intuitively understand that the right people in the right positions focused on the right areas is how business strategy is successfully executed. Talent intelligence gives business leaders the data to support or disprove their hypotheses.

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Clancy Murphy joins Savannah Group

Savannah Group announces that Clancy Murphy has joined as Senior Advisor.  Clancy will work with Savannah’s clients to operationalise their business strategies through leadership and talent.

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Leadership Lessons from Defence

When it comes to leadership, the modern military does not rest on past laurels but is constantly evolving to embrace technological advances and new strategic thinking. As a result, today’s business leaders have much to learn from the armed forces.

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Report: Succession Planning with Military Precision

This report in Savannah Groups’s People and Performance series features lessons for CEOs from the Armed Forces. The British military is renowned for its world-class leadership. Over centuries, they have honed a highly effective structure for identifying and developing leadership talent. The trio of organisations that make up the British Armed Forces – the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force – are each the size of a FTSE 100 company and have their own leader responsible for managing tens of thousands of people and billions of pounds of budget and assets. They represent the UK on the global geo-political stage, including security, trade, foreign relations and international business partnerships.

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Leading through lockdown: The Power of Informality

An assumption that was made by a raft of executives in the wake of lockdown was that interims couldn’t be effective away from the office, leading to a significant number of assignments ending prematurely or never getting off the blocks. Eight months on, as we contend with local and national lockdowns, businesses are grappling with the reality that a number of staff will be operating remotely for some time and companies cannot afford to tread water forever. With the relaxing of the restrictions looking unlikely until 2021, we must all learn to deliver our objectives under the current conditions.

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