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The Race for Tech Talent

Study objectives In the context of a difficult hiring environment for technology talent, we set out to answer a series of critical questions. Demand drivers

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Leadership Lessons from Defence

When it comes to leadership, the modern military does not rest on past laurels but is constantly evolving to embrace technological advances and new strategic thinking. As a result, today’s business leaders have much to learn from the armed forces.

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The Cyber Security Leadership Crisis

Cyber attacks are expected to exceed $10 trillion annually by 2025. As they become more frequent and sophisticated, the need for leadership cyber talent who can defend against them becomes business-critical.

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Report: Succession Planning with Military Precision

This report in Savannah Groups’s People and Performance series features lessons for CEOs from the Armed Forces. The British military is renowned for its world-class leadership. Over centuries, they have honed a highly effective structure for identifying and developing leadership talent. The trio of organisations that make up the British Armed Forces – the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force – are each the size of a FTSE 100 company and have their own leader responsible for managing tens of thousands of people and billions of pounds of budget and assets. They represent the UK on the global geo-political stage, including security, trade, foreign relations and international business partnerships.

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The DNA of the Future Organisation

How has the DNA of our organisations been altered in recent months? And how will it evolve to support a super-resilient business model that can thrive in times of uncertainty? During our virtual event our panel members discussed practical actions that organisations can take now.

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Source, Attract, Retain: Building a Data & Analytics Talent Strategy

Research from SINTEF, the largest independent research company in Scandinavia, suggests that more data has been collected over the past two years than in the entire history of the human race. The convergence of several technology trends is accelerating this process, resulting in greater access to data, enhanced data storage, faster data mining and innovative utilisation of data in technologies such as AI. So how are businesses taking advantage of this exponential growth in data, and who do they need to hire to create a successful data and analytics function?

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